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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

"The Trouble with Scotland..."

" that it's full of Scots."

Thankfully, my classes don't have a Scots-problem (those miserable, tight-fisted...). What they do have, at least BizOrgs and Tax, is an infestation of 1Ls. 1Ls, who are fast replacing undergrads as the focus of my irrational ire and curmudgeoninity (curmudgeonliness?). Will Baude won't like it, because he himself is in Tax, but it's true. It's not that they've done anything yet. But I know they will - fresh-faced, full of civil procedure rules and a confidence in their own insights, they're bound to start participating, to no end any day now. But more than that, it's their very presence that irks me: these strange, alien beings, invading my classes, taking my seat in the back row. I won't stand for it! (And don't tell me I was a second-semester 1L only a year ago. I'm well aware. I was a quiet one, though. And generally deferential to my elders. Those were the good old days, when kids knew respect!)

If I were Edward I Longshanks, I'd be concocting some kind of scheme to rid myself of these pests, preferably by means of prima nocte. I can think of a few 2Ls who might sign up for a scheme that involved breeding the 1Ls out of existence.