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Friday, January 14, 2005


Apropos of that last item, I had an idea that I wanted to float: GoogleMash. The name derives from the Mash notes you used to pass around back in the day (a subject about which I'm only familiar through the academic literature, since I went to an all-boy's school until I was fifteen). But, since bloggers are basically sexless automatons, there won't be any obligation that you have a crush on the people you GoogleMash. It's just a way to covertly pay a compliment to one of your fellow bloggers.

OK, enough prologue. Here's how it works: you pick another blogger who you're friendly with, or think could use a pick-me-up, or whatever. Then, type into Google a phrase complimentary to that person (like, say, Dawn Eden is cute) then click on the link to that person's blog that comes up. That way, when they look at their search engine referrals, a nice little compliment will be waiting for them. (If your initial phrase doesn't produce an actual link to their blog - as, say, death of yale law is mysterious and sexy doesn't - then go back to the drawing board.)

This may seem cheesy, but I can tell you that if I opened eXTReMe Tracking one morning and saw mansfield fox is ruggedly handsome, well, that would just make my day.

What the blogosphere needs now, is love, sweet love. Go to it people!