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Friday, January 14, 2005

OK, Death, I'll Play Your Game...

Death has a posted a variant of the random song challenge. Here are the rules:

Why Are You Looking At Me?

Step 1: Open up your webtracker (if you don't have one, then download and install one and come back to this meme in a few weeks) and pull up your search engine referrals
Step 2: Look at the first ten search engine referrals and create a number least of of the terms/phrases used. You can skip repeats, or really obvious ones (for example, if your blog title is "Death in the Afternoon" and somebody searches for "Death in the Afternoon" don't list that)
Step 3: Post the list to your blog, with optional explanations and links
Step 4: Link your post to the person you got this meme from.
Step 5: If there is a really odd/interesting referral that doesn't appear in your most recent ten include that at the bottom of the list.

And so, to the country:
1. mollerus family photos
2. Kylie Agent Provocateur windows media player download
3. "federal judges and the heisman trophy"
4. margaret holloway
5. harry truman's austere inauguration
6. "hardees ad"
7. "He's got all the time in the world" and NFL and video
8. palsgraf v LIRR
9. palsgraf film NYU
10. "chris muha" + picture
The problem with linking to the memes that brought people here is that there's often more than one. Kylie Agent Provocateur windows media player download, for instance, directs people to Mansfield Fox because of two separate posts, which had nothing to do with one another. One was the random song challenge, in which I whined that Windows Media Player was convinced I really liked Kylie Minogue; the other was this post in which I pondered whether Michael Newdow (fast challenging Ralph Nader for the title of "America's most litigious man") was actually secretly working for the Religious Right.

Still, always fun to post amusing googlings.