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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Perhaps the Last *New Blog!* Ever

And, frankly, it's not even all that new. (She's had the blog for a couple years now, it seems.)

It is a little odd to be adding new links to the sidebar as I'm in the process of winding things down, but I just thought I'd be remiss if, before I shut the Fox down for good (which won't be for a little while yet, so feel free to hold off on the weeping and gnashing of teeth), I didn't direct your attention to the blog of my friend Windy Twilley (nee Booher), an Alabama-based supermom who I knew during her golden college years as a red-headed junior Ann Coulter (just so we're clear, I mean that as a compliment).

(And that, folks, is a long-ass sentence.)

I'm not promising anything, but there may just be a non-trivial chance that if you click the link you may be treated to some fairly adorable son Tyler. Just saying.