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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Your 2008 Tickets -- Today!

Making bold, unsupportable political predictions is kind of our bread and butter here at Mansfield Fox, so I thought it might be fun to provide people with honest-to-goodness, bona fide, take-it-to-the-bank predictions for the 2008 election. And so, without further ado, the top three presidential tickets for each party, in order of probability:


1. John McCain, Tim Pawlenty
McCain is obviously the GOP front-runner as of today. Palwenty gives McCain a bunch of things: youth, executive experience, policy expertise on domestic issues. Plus, he's from a swing state.

2. Rudy Giuliani, Sam Brownback
A marriage made in WTF?!? No GOP candidate (not even McCain) has stronger War on Terror credentials than Giuliani. The problems caused by his social liberalism can largely be neutralized by a pledge to nominate Scalia-esque judges. His biggest problem winning the nomination may actually be his quasi-playboy lifestyle. Brownback is a sop to the social conservatives, but one without the high negatives with moderates that a Rick Santorum brings.

3. Mitt Romney, Condoleeza Rice
Mormon! African-American woman! All diversity, all the time! Mitt's star is on the rise, especially if health care becomes an issue in the primaries. The secretary of state gives the governor foreign policy credibility.


1. Hillary Clinton, Mark Warner
Clinton in 2008 is like Bush in 2000: probably a bad idea, but just as probably inevitable based on a combination of name-recognition and fundraising ability. Warner, a strong second in the primaries, a Southern governor, appealing moderate, will be a logical choice for the #2 spot on this doomed ticket.

2. Mark Warner, Evan Bayh
Just like Clinton-Gore '92, but shifted north-east a few hundred miles and without the sex scandals. The moderate ticket, probably the Democrats' best hope. But is Bayh too pretty for the vice presidency?

3. Russ Feingold, Bill Richardson
Democrats run on straightforward opposition to the Iraq War, and to President Bush's more aggressive anti-terror measures (like domestic wiretapping). Richardson brings gubernatorial experience and Clintonite moderate credentials. Plus he's Latino, which might help stem the flow of Latinos to the GOP.

Well, there you have 'em - my 2008 picks. Free, and worth every penny!