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Monday, March 20, 2006

Reverse Story-telling Meme

This is a reverse story-telling game. It works thusly: below, I have written the last few sentences of an as-yet-unwritten work of short fiction. Anyone who wants can write the next-to-last section of the story and post it on their blog. They should then link to this post, indicating that the story continues here. People who want to add the next-to-next-to-last section can do so, and then link to the next-to-last section, and so-on. The goal is to have the story freewheelingly develop backwards towards the beginning. (Think of it as "Memento" mixed with a weird trust-building exercise you might do at an office retreat.) There can, and hopefully will, be multiple versions of the story; as such, I recommend against linking to any of the posts that contribute previous chapters to your own - don't privilege one story over another.

The story ends:

Exhausted and just a little drunk, Hector stumbled into his apartment and collapsed on his futon. He lay still, trying to collect himself. His tongue slid lazily along the roof of his mouth. He could still taste the peanuts.

After a few minutes of this, he sat up and grabbed his laptop, which was resting eagerly on the coffee table.

"Nobody is going to believe this," he said to himself, as he double-clicked the Firefox icon. He opened the homepage, and began to type.

"Here's the thing about monkeys..."