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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Travelin' Man, Part II

Well, I'm back from the Motor City, safe, sound and full of footbally goodness. The Super Bowl was a great time. So many Steelers fans. I'd estimate that inside the stadium there was a 5-1 ratio of Pittsburgh fans to Seattle fans (in the city generally, it was probably 10 or 11 to one). Seeing the stands erupt in a sea of swirling yellow towels was quite an experience. Yes, the quality of play was low (though there were some pretty cool moments, like the halfback pass) and the refs made some fairly dubious calls (though I'm convinced Roethlisberger's touchdown was not among them). My sister has some pictures of me in full Steelers' gear (I love the Jets, but I'm not stupid - you don't wear neutral gang colors to a fight like that) that I'll hopefully post soon.

Speaking of pictures from my travels, I've got up most, but not all, of the pictures from my Vegas trip.