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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

From Danang to Da Nave

(Apologies for the awful pun.)

Amy Welborn has an interesting piece up on the wildly disproportionate number of seminarians who are of Vietnamese extraction. I'd noticed something like this phenomenon, too, as I've been perusing the diocesan and parish websites on the net (what do you do to kill time?) - the number of Vietnamese names among the pastors struck me as very much out of sync with the general population.

This is, I think, an example of the way God can bring good out of any evil. None of these priests would be here to serve God and administer the sacraments to His people if the United States hadn't fought, and lost, the Vietnam War all those decades ago.

I wonder if in a few generations Vietnamese will replace Irish as the default ethnicity for priests when they're depicted in popular culture.