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Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Perils of Student Journalism

I'm in the YDN! (Sort of.) Here's a write-up of Judge Michael McConnell's lecture last evening (which I attended, and which was quite good). Your humble correspondent is ostensibly paraphrased:
Angus Dwyer LAW '06 said although he disagrees with McConnell's ideology, he would have preferred that McConnell be nominated to the Supreme Court over Harriet Miers.
The actual holder of those views is a Mr. Daniel E. Fernandez LAW '06, who was inteviewed by the reporter at the same time I was. I actually do agree with Judge McConnell's views - of all the federal judges I know something about he may be the one whose understanding of the Constitution most closely maps my own. (The second statement is, however, unambiguously reflective of my views.)

No hard feelings against the YDN or the reporter - I was a college newspaperman myself, and I know the stresses and how these mix-ups happen. I just wanted to get down my actual views on the subject for the record.