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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Birds

A most peculiar dream, too queer not to be blogged:

I'm in a row-boat with Will Baude, Will Baude, and some unidentified third (fourth?) party (perhaps my roommate? memory hazy). We're debating property rights in land and zoning laws as we pull into Watch Hill harbor. The two Wills are taking the most liberal and conservative positions, respectively, with myself trying to mediate between the two.

As we pull closer to the pier, I notice that the sea wall and the small beach just inside it is a remarkable diversity of birds, far beyond the usual run of seagulls and piping plovers that resides there. As we move further in, the menagerie gets weirder and weirder. One of the Wills spots a pair of emperor penguins, which turn out on closer inspection to be enormous, at least 8 feet tall and possibly the size of kodiak bears (the dream was somewhat unclear on this point).

After we dock, the rest of the crew wants to take off (things to do!) but I insist on doubling back on foot to get a better view of the birds. On approaching, I discover that one of the penguins was not a penguin after all, but rather an anthropomorphic creature with a body covered in fine gray down, a flamingo-like head at the end of a long neck, and a pair of cut-off jeans shorts. Hoping to get its attention, I shout "Hey!" at it.

I succeed. It traipses over, uncurls its long gray neck, and stares at me with its small black eyes.

"Yes?" it says.

Here endeth the dream.