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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Victory on the River Liffey

Through a clever combination of a) our biggest competition (a team called Big Aristotle) not being present, b) getting a bunch of questions that were right in our wheel-house (two in one round about World War II - that's like manna from Heaven for dweebs of a certain age), and c) the timely addition of a best-selling author (not gonna say which one) to our roster, the Hung Jurists, hereinafter known in our Trivia Night incarnation as "They're Always After Me Lucky Charms"*, were able to surge out of the doldrums and claim the ultimate prize: first. Verily, my knowing that Liza Minelli was sued by her bodyguard who claimed she forced him to have sex with her will be sung of by bards of every age.

*It's not that funny on paper, but if you can force the Donegal-born MC to say it three or four times a game as he's announcing the updated scores, it's good for a chuckle.