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Monday, May 02, 2005

Old Heresies Never Die, They Just Fade Away...

Via Amy Welborn I see that today is the feast day of St Athanasius. Which leads me to ask: have you done your part to battle Arianism today?

But Angus, you say, the Arians were defeated in Fourth Century!

In a sense that's true: virtually no one today subscribes to the specific tenets of Arianism (helpfully outlined here). But heresies never really die, they just hide in the substrate, and mutate, and reemerge. And if Arianism is broadly defined as professed Christianity that denies the divinity of Jesus, then it's pretty clear that in absolute numbers Arianism is more widespread today than ever before. (Of course, there are so bloody many of us these days, everything's more widespread than ever, except probably Communism and National Socialism, which are pretty down on their luck at the moment. But still...) So I ask again: are you doing your part?