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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Nuclear Option Debate

I shouldn't be, but I'm taking a break right now to watch the Senate debate on the "nuclear option".

I don't agree with Arlen Specter on a lot of issues, but I must say that he's completely right on the filibuster issue. Both sides are abusing both the facts and the precedents. The voting up or down of the nuclear option will have negative effects on the Senate and the country as a whole. Filibusters should only be used when genuine, articulable, serious objections can be raised. I'm not sure whether releasing Senators from the obligation of party-line voting will actually work, but his general goal - to end the filibusters without actually banning the filibuster - seems like a deeply sensible one to me.

Also: the Lex Luthor look becomes him. Bald: it's the new black.