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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Man, Woman, Sex, Burger

I think the dynamic outlined in this piece is correct (it would not sell burgers to have a half-naked Denzel Washington cavorting seductively with a "Famous Star with Cheese" from Carl's Jr) but the explanation is way off. It has almost nothing to do with the fact that
Women are just much less interested in--and buoyed by--the sight of the opposite sex unclothed than are men.
and everything to do with the willingness of men to let their various appetites bleed together that's played to such brilliant comic effect in the episode of "Seinfeld" in which George starts surreptitiously snacking as he's having sex with his girlfriend.

Men, as a rule, aren't especially picky about how they satisfy their sensual appetites, whereas my sense is that women prefer to keep things more separated. Eating is eating, and sex is sex, and so on. For the man, eating a cheeseburger while having sex is just killing two birds with one stone. (Though of course, we can never get away with it in the real world, which is the moral, such as it is, of the "Seinfeld" episode.) Thus, football games are the ultimate male hedonism: they combine getting drunk, overeating, violence, group solidarity and oggling cheerleaders into one activity. Thus, strip clubs all have hot buffets. Thus, Hooters.