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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Like Dancing? Defending the Unborn?

Consider perhaps attending the 20th Annual Ball for Life, which will be Friday, June 3, at the New York Athletic Club. The price is a bit steep ($200 a plate) but the money raised all goes to a good cause, the Good Counsel crisis pregnancy center.

Plus, the leader of the evening's band, Alex Donner and his Orchestra, is an alumnus of both my grade school and my high school, and is a former attorney. (Small world.) I'm actually listening to one of their CDs right now. It's groovy.

(thanks to Old Oligarch for the head's up)

UPDATE: PapaBear writes to note that one of the evening's honorees, Peggy Noonan, sent her kid to my nursery-school, the St Thomas More Play Group, around the time either my brother or sister was there. That seemed a little distant a connection for my taste, but for the sake of the completeness of the record, and of disclosing any possible conflict of interest, I'll mention it.

(Also, looking at this history of my old parish, I discover that the church was originally built by the Episcopalians. Which makes the decision to place the parish under the patronage of St Thomas More, who after all was murdered by the CofE, a more delicious irony.)