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Thursday, May 05, 2005

"Let's Put on a Show!" (Law School Edition)

Well, classes have ended for my 2L year. Only two exams and one substantial Substantial separate me from total done-ness. If only they were as easy to do as they are to backhandedly dismiss on my blog.

Also, I just sat through the annual Law Revue, which was funny-ish. The timing could use some work, and some of the skits needed a few more drafts (precious few actually got all the way to the punch-line without running out of gas). The again: who am I to complain about two hours free entertainment? Plus, we were treated to several rounds of always funny Actual Professor Quotes, and a genuinely inspired skit about the quest of a pair of squirrels from the Quad in search of food (you have to be on the YLS email list to get it, I'm afraid). And, of course, my good friend (and almost-roommate) Marek "The Big" Grabowski, who shaved his head to play Bob "Eminent Domain" Ellickson. Too bad his talents were under-utilized.

I took some photos, but I doubt they came out very well, given the conditions. Maybe I'll post some later. I'm curious if Death, who I know was there, or Will, who I didn't see, have any thoughts on the show.