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Sunday, May 29, 2005

(Depressing) Songs About Marriage

Finally, my incessant pestering of that poor woman pays off: the Fox kinda, sorta gets a shout out from MarriageDebate*dot*com. And, in doing so, I raise the profile of minor Motown great Little Milton, which is certain to raise the spirits of any and all blind-ish former roommates of mine, should they be readers of this blog. (I've no idea whether or not they are, though I imagine this post is a good way to flush them out should they be.) This is obviously the biggest thing to happen to me since I was quoted on the Wall Street Journal's website and all my libertarian friends got mad at me (except Will, who's unfailingly equanimous).

And, having put up the most inside-baseball Mansfield Fox post in months, I bid you good night, Gentle Reader.