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Monday, May 30, 2005


If you know me, you know that, of all my crazy, manic obsessions, one stands out. I'm speaking, of course, about babies. I may project the image of a creaky, cranky, too-old-to-be 24 year-old, but when I have a run in with a wee'un, I start to gush like a 12 year-old girl hopped-up on Mountain Dew and "Babysitters' Club" novelettes. Sometimes I hide it better than others, but on the inside I'm always the same gooey, happy mess.

Anyway, with this in mind I've added a new category to the sidebar: Babies!, in which I'll put up links to sites, blog or otherwise, that display pictures of, well, babies. Currently there are the Johnlet blog, a site featuring embryo adoption babies, and a site about babies born after successful tubal ligation reversals. More will be added as I discover them. Please, feel free to send me such links.