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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Will This At Least Remain Taboo?

That last post was a little angry in tone, so I thought I'd take it down a notch and just observe that I think the case of the Trafford Two is a meaningful "gut-check" moment for the culture. Do we throw the book at these two, if only to prove to ourselves that there are still some kinds of old-time sexual immorality we simply won't tolerate? Or do we begin talking ourselves into the notion that incest really isn't so bad, that our feelings against it are just irrational biases based on antiquated religious taboos, that consinguaneosexuality is just another alternative lifestyle, that some people are just born that way, etc. (Perhaps Shelby Spong can make an appearance to suggest that the Bible doesn't really condemn incest - you have to understand the story of Lot's daughters correctly you see, plus the first few generations of man were all what we'd consider today to be incestuous - and that the current taboo against the practice is a Medieval - or perhaps Constantinian - corruption.) See this post by Father Tucker (and especially the article to which he links, for some sense as to how the normalization of consanguineous marriage and incest might progress.

Hmmm... looking back, this post wasn't notably less angry than the first. Shorter though, and that's something.