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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

It's Like Staring into a Mirror...

...and vomiting all over your shirt.

Via the American Scene (why aren't you reading that, by the way? tut, tut) I see this savaging of the social skills of lawyers and law students, based off of a New York Times "Wedding & Celebration Announcements".

Anyone who knows me knows I'm like a Greek demigod of social awkwardness (my father Zeus appeared to my mother in the form of a poorly thought-out "Yo Mama" joke, and took her in rapine). I like to make a game of it: see how many utterly mortifying things I can do in a day, and then try to break my own record. I'm like the U.N. of embarrassment: I've made a fool of myself lamely hitting on women of every race, creed, color, age, etc. (Seriously.) So the description of Law School Social Retardation (LSSR) fits me to a T.

I wonder: do other law school bloggers find the same is true of them? If so, do they think law school creates LSSR in people, or that it attracts people already suffering from social retardation and merely incubates it into full-blown LSSR? I've been socially retarded pretty much since birth, but I imagine at least some people came to law school as basically functional human beings, only to get turned. Will? Death? Action J? Any thoughts?

By the way, once I can figure out a category into which to squeeze it, the wedding announcement blog, Veiled Conceit, is going up onto the blogroll. Pure. Comedy. Gold.