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Saturday, April 09, 2005

The Constitution in 2020 @YLS

Eager to catch up on work (or, yesterday, to enjoy a grilled veggie kebab) I haven't been in attendance at this weekend's carnival of cargo cultism at "The" Law School. Despite my earlier statements that "conservatives ought to pay close attention to the Constitution in 2020 conference," I've found that, when the chips are down, I simply lack the intestinal fortitude to do so. Call me weak if you will, but with an as-yet-unwritten substantial hanging over my head like a soft-bound Sword of Damocles, I simply lack the time to sit around and listen to Sunstein, Ackerman, et al., give summaries of the last three books they've written.

If you want summaries of what's happening, may I recommend this one by the guys at Powerline, or maybe check out the conference's own blog. And, for a good summary of the idea inspiring all this nuttiness, read my friend Nick Stephanopoulos' YDN piece.