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Monday, January 24, 2005

Law School is Now Officially Half Over

Following Will Baude and Oxblog's Josh Chafetz (who, unlike Will, I've never met but who I think I've seen around Ye Olde Sterling Law Building a few times) I'll post my schedule: Federal Income Tax (with Anne Alstott), Business Organizations (a.k.a. Corporations, with Jonathan Macey), Theories of Statutory Interpretation (with Bill Eskridge, who the guys at The Thing Is don't seem too fond of but who, politics aside, is a brilliant legislation teacher) and Managing National Security (with James Baker - not the one you're thinking of; his son).

Two pleasant surprises thus far:

1. My Theories of Statutory Interpretation textbook is the same one I used for Legislation last Spring. This saved me between $75 and $100 dollars.

2. An essay by Professor Bainbridge is excerpted in my BizOrgs text (it's on the Law & Economics idea of corporations as a "nexus-of-contracts"). My work and my play, colliding. Crazy. (Speaking of which, I'll put up a link to the good professor in the blogroll soon.)

Anyway, wish me luck. I have to write a 30-60 page paper this semester, or I don't get to be a 3L next year. Which would be bad. Can your famously scatterbrained correspondent buckle down and produce such a work, while still making progress towards becoming a 150 bowler? Only time will tell.

UPDATE: Just read Blackmore Partners v. Link Energy LLC (a Chancery case out of Delaware about whether the directors of a limited liability company violated their fiduciary duties to the company's equity unit holders when they sold off all the company's assets to pay its creditors). I can honestly say: I have no idea what's going on. Not a one. Well, that's not true. I understand that the motion to dismiss was denied. Aaaaaand that's about it. At least the opinion was brief. I hope Professor Macey can explain this tomorrow, or it's going to be a long semester.

UPDATE II: The federal income tax seems to have given me an unholy hunger for salt'n'vinegar potato chips and cherry twizzlers. This is definately going to be a long semester.