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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I Think I'm in Love

"100 lb. woman eats 6 lb. hamburger"

It was, I might add, almost 11 lbs. when all the fixin's are included. And she did it in under three hours, making her the first human ever to accomplish the feat, though many, including professional competitive eaters, had gone before her. I'm getting weak in the knees.

What a woman!

More pictures.

Tip o' the pith: the Corner

UPDATE: Foodmarket News has a longer account. Apparently Ms. Stelnick is studying childhood education and psychology at College of New Jersey (my grandpa's alma mater, although when he went there it was called Trenton State Teachers' College) and is considering a career as a professional skydiver.

And just look at the guy she bested, Eric "Badlands" Booker:

I'll be honest: I don't quite get the helmet. Maybe he plans to be a professional skydiver someday, too.