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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Democratic Protest or Space-Time Tourism?

K-Lo of NRO points to a novel form of protest against the Bush inauguration:
While Republicans in Washington will be busy hanging bunting and straightening the final touches on the president's second inauguration Thursday, Jesse Gordon of Cambridge will be taking another, less festive action.

Gordon will turn the pockets on his pants inside out. No, the 44-year-old Internet marketing manager for a chemistry company is not flat broke. Nor is he attempting to advance a new hobo chic.

Gordon will be taking part in what he and other activists hope will be a day of protests across the nation designed to dampen the spirit of the quadrennial ritual and register a broad, if quiet, displeasure with the man about to be sworn in for a second term.
Wasn't this the fashion for young people in 2015, according to "Back to the Future: Part II"? Indeed it was!

Now, I'm not saying that Mr. Gordon is some kind of time-traveler from the mid-1980s come to prevent Bush from becoming president. I'm just saying: if you see a DeLorean giving off sparks, you might want to try to stop this guy (possibly by whapping him on the head with a cane and calling him "Butthead").