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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Bring on Pittsburgh!

What a great game. (Better, of course, because the J!E!T!S! won.) A lot of guys (Brien, Barton, Kaedling) vied for the coveted title of The Goat, but in the end, it could only be one man: the Goat of Goats, Marty Schottenheimer. If he doesn't charge onto the field to protest a sensible non-call on an imaginary roughing-the-kicker penalty towards the end of the first half, the Jets don't tie the game going into the locker room. If he doesn't waste three downs, running the ball unenthusiastically towards the right hash-mark in OT, maybe Kaedling, a rookie in an unbelievably tense situation, doesn't go just wide-right on a 40-yard field goal in bad conditions.

Marty, there's a reason you're 5-12 in the playoffs in your career. You're the Goat. La cabra. La chèvre. Die Ziege. козочка. η αίγα.