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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

You're Living in the Past, Sullivan!

Andrew Sullivan and the good ladies of After Abortion have apparently been involved in a fairly vituperative email war. Being a small-potatoes blog - a meerkat, if you will, just trying to avoid getting smooshed as lions and elephants duke it out - I'll refrain from commenting on the substance of their fight (though regular readers doubtless know where my sympathies lie).

I post only to note: who'd've guessed that Andrew Sullivan, O he of the blog-revolution vanguard, would still be using an AOL email address in 2004? I was so surprised that I actually clicked over to his site to make sure that the emails were'nt a hoax someone had perpetrated on those good women by posing as Sullivan. Sure enough!

Honestly, who still uses an AOL address? I think at this point it's just him and my step-mother. (Hi, Eileen!) And even she's on the verge of being persuaded to give it up (she just don't know it yet).