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Sunday, December 05, 2004

European Union Hypocrisy

Here's what I don't get: In 2002, Turkey, which wants to join the European Union, did away with capital punishment, since the EU makes the abolition of the death penalty virtually a condition of membership. In 2000, Austria's ruling People's Party formed a coalition government with the Freedom Party, whose leader, Jörg Haider, had made public statements supportive of certain Nazi policies (and was also anti-EU). The EU member states decided this was beyond the pale, and instituted diplomatic sanctions against Austria until the Freedom Party was excluded from cabinet government.

But now, when the Netherlands is set to authorize the involuntary euthanasia of children up to the age of 12, (and the Belgians too, if you read the original Grand Forks Herald article), the Europeans seem to have suddenly discovered the virtue of federalism. The Church has come out against it, and in America conservative bloggers and anti-euthanasia groups are up in arms. But secular Europe seems to be relatively mum. If you google "groningen protocol" "european union" outrage, you only get a handful of sites, none of which are about how the European Union is outraged over the Groningen Protocol.

The message: If your country believes it's morally licit to execute murderers (or terrorists, or genocidal maniacs) after their guilt has been proved at trial, you're unworthy to be called European. If anyone in your governing coalition has ever had anything good to say about any policy of the German government circa 1933-1945, you're unworthy to be called European. But if you believe that boards of doctors should be able to kill young children, without or even against the will of the parents, because they're sick or disabled: well, buddy, that's your business; we're not going to judge. It almost makes one eager for the coming of Eurabia, which, for all its faults, probably won't be committing infanticide.