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Friday, December 10, 2004

Does This Fox Have (Coat) Tails?

The magazine Legal Affairs is running a reader poll on the 20 most influential legal thinkers in America. The 125 candidates are organized into three categories, Academics, Judges and Writers/Commentators, from which you can select a total of five.

First off, this award clearly needs a cute informal name, like Oscar or Emmy. I suggest we call them the Holmies, after Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., who had a successful career as an academic, judge and commentator, and who's had an enormous impact on the American law (despite being, in my view, wrong on most issues of substance). It's also, to be frank, a cool name.

Second: I'd like now to take the unprecedented step of endorsing a candidate. You should use one of your five votes for Professor Robert C. Ellickson. Why, you ask?

1) He's my Property professor, and it never hurts to do right by your Property professor.

2) He's living proof of the truth of the maxim, "Bald is beautiful," in which I have a vested long-term interest.

3) His "social norms" theory, which holds that legal rules are often far less important in governing behavior than informal social practices, will be the Trojan Horse that destroys the legal profession from within. One day, perhaps not far in the future, we will awake to discover that lawyers have theorized themselves out of existence, to the rejoicing of the multitudes. To a lawyer-in-training afflicted with professional auto-thanatism, no prospect could be sweeter.

Go, vote. Early, often, etc. And vote Bob!

I'm Angus Dwyer, and I approved this message.
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