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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Bleg: Seeking Criminal-Jurisdiction Expertise

Fellow YLS student and St. Mary's parishioner Chris Muha is seeking help with a motion for reconsideration in State v. Yarbrough. Earlier this month, the Ohio Supreme Court overturned Yarbrough's conviction on the grounds that Ohio lacked jurisdiction to prosecute the murders (the deaths took place in Pennsylvania). The case is of particular interest to Chris (and thus, as his friend, to me) because one of the victims was his younger brother Brian.

I'm not especially knowledgeable on the kind of jurisdictional issues involved in this case, but it seems to me from reading the motion and the motion-synopsis that Chris is right and the Ohio Supreme Court got this one seriously wrong. I know there are some lawyers among my readership; please give Chris whatever help you can.

(original link via the Volokh Conspiracy)