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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

SO A BUNCH OF WOMEN ARE PUTTING UP POSTERS in my Criminal Law classroom advertising for an upcoming speech by Kate Michelman (of NARAL fame) at Yale. A guy, who like me is dawdling around before class starts, strikes up a conversation (reproduced as best I can):

Man: "Oh, is Kate Michelman coming to speak here?"
Woman (cutely sarcastic): "What makes you think that?"
Man: "I dunno, I guess all the signs about 'choice'."
Man: "So what's she speaking about?"

At this point, I start quietly wheeze-laughing, as I am apt to do. What's she speaking about? I dunno, tax policy? Deregulation of the airlines? Suppression of political dissent in Kyrgyzstan?

Woman: "Oh, the right to choose, defending a woman's right to choose, and such."

Whew! Dodged a close one there.