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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

MMMMM....COOKIES....Another affirmative-action bake sale at the University of Colorado. Maybe it's just me, but hasn't the idea of the affirmative-action bake sale "jumped the shark"? At first, the idea was clever and subversive: a way for opponents of affirmative action to make a theoretical point (about the wrongness of treating people differently based only on their race) in a concrete way that everyone could understand. But now, I dunno, the whole thing just seems tired. I suppose if you've never heard of the phenomenon then maybe, as NBC used to say, "it's new to you." But as for me, I feel like I've heard about every damn one of these things since the first one. Maybe the problem is the constant use of bake sales. Couldn't it be an affirmative-action car wash, or an affirmative-action "massage parlor"? (Now that would cause a stir!) And in this Atkins-friendly world we're living in, aren't cookies too heavy on the carbs? What if we have affirmative-action steakhouses instead? And don't some people with eating disorders also favor racial preferences? Why not affirmative-action hard-boiled eggs and celery sales? C'mon people! Creativity!