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Monday, February 23, 2004

LOOKS LIKE WE'VE GOT THAT TERRORISM THING LICKED John Kerry has vowed to name a "salmon czar" if elected. The czar will report directly to the president and vice president on issues relating to that delicious fish (no word yet on whether there will be separate undersecretaries for bagels and cream cheese). I'm sure that this is just election-year pandering to the good people of Idaho, and that the salmon czar would get less than five minutes of President Kerry's time in the first term. And it's not likely that I would have shifted to the Kerry camp if he'd said "No, I won't name a salmon czar. The president has more important things to worry about than the status of delicious-if-suicidal river fish. Remember al Qaeda?" But I'm still a little disturbed by the idea that Kerry would even pander in this way. Unless those fish have converted to militant Islam and strapped C4 to their bodies in preparation for spawning, I don't think they're worth a minute of the president's damn time. (link via Best of the Web.)