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Sunday, February 29, 2004

GOLF NEEDS A SEVENTH CONTINENT After Mass, I decided to take the afternoon off and went to hike East Rock. After I was sufficiently tired and muddy, I decided to have a late lunch at Archie Moore's. As my burger arrived, the final round of Accenture Match Play started up on the TV. The opening credits contained the line "golfers from six continents, speaking twenty languages..." That got me thinking. Given that there are seven continents, why should we be so impressed that you managed to attract golfers from six of them? If I were friendly on the first six days of the week, but spent my Saturdays repeatedly elbowing you in the groin, would you consider that good enough? I didn't think so. So why are your standards so much lower for intercontinental representation in match-play golf? Sure, the seventh continent is a frozen wasteland. It wouldn't be easy, but is anything worthwhile ever easy? Here's my suggestion: have Phil Mickelson establish a permanent address in Queen Maud Land. First off, he can market himself as the greatest living Antarctic golfer, which should be a huge boost to his sagging ego. Second, he could build a course down there, and maybe someday convince the PGA to let him host the Championship. Then, when all the other golfers had died of hypothermia or been eaten by penguins, Lefty could emerge, the last man standing, and finally claim his major. Everybody wins! (except all the golfers who freeze to death: it's fair to say they loose.)