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Sunday, February 29, 2004

BLOGGING ZE OSCARS (PART V) The musical numbers aren't my thing, so I've switched to AMC, which is showing Patton, instead. What a flick that is. Your nerves? The Hell, you're just a God-damn coward! SLAP! Anyway, it looks as if the Oscar people have ditched the extravagant production numbers, which is good. And they seem to have put them all at once, presumably so people like me can flip away to watch George C. Scott pimp-slap some poor shell-shocked private. But now Patton is in commercial, so I've flipped back to the Oscars. Just in time to catch Annie Lennox, singing the truly awful "Into the West". I loved Return of the King, but that song - ugh. What was the theory there? Anyway, Patton's back, so I must go.