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Thursday, January 29, 2004

IS IT JUST ME, or has the Daily Quickie on gotten more worldly of late? Today's Q involves references to blogger The Gawker, the phenomenon of auctioning off virtual girlfriends on E-Bay, and a joke about Dean's firing Joe Trippi. I'm not complaining: I've never believed that sports was a subject that should be hermetically sealed off from the rest of life, and since the Q is a humor page it makes sense that it should make fun of whatever it finds funny. Still, a curious development. One wonders: are the increasingly bloggish nature of the Q, and Bill Simmons new "superblog," a kind of atonement by ESPN for their shameful firing of Gregg Easterbrook last year? Or is it just that, in this faster-faster universe, everything gets bloggier after a while?