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Thursday, November 06, 2003

VERY EARLY EXIT POLLING DATA INDICATES... Anyone who knows me knows I like to make outrageously bold statements and predictions. I am on record as believing, for instance, that I will die at age 77 by being covertly executed as a political prisoner, probably by means of a low caliber shot to the back of the skull.

In that spirit, Mansfield Fox now presents your 2004 election!

Presidential Popular Vote
Bush (R) 54%
Dean (D) 39%
Kucinich (G) 7%

Presidential Electoral College Vote
Bush (R) 355
Dean (D) 183
Kucinich (G) 0

The electoral vote will be much closer than the lopsided popular vote, chiefly because Bush will pick up large portions of his popular majority in large states like California, Illinois and New York, that he'll lose.

Key Senate Races
Democrats pick up: Alaska, Illinois
Republicans pick up: Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina