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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

SPEAKING OF ELECTIONS On my way back from lunch, I was stopped by electioneers near the Ward 2 polling station and handed the following flyer (reproduced as best I can):

"Do You Want to See Your Favorite Eateries Disappear???!!!
The City and Board of Ed. are proposing to build An Arts and Humanities Co-Op High School on the Block of Howe & Chapel St.

This project will displace and/or effect numerous local businesses, including India Palace, Mamoun's, and Pizza House, and will destroy the heart of a rebounding neighborhood.

The City has announced - after no Community input - thta it will use eminent domain to bulldoze several properties for a replacement Arts Magnet Co-op High School.

The school is currently located near the AUDOBON ARTS DISTRICT in a neighborhood that includes the Educational Center for the Arts, the Neighborhood Music school, the Lincoln Theatre, the Arts Council Performance Space and the Creative Arts Workshop.

YOU can help stop this destructive project.

During this election, the Democratic Party machine is counting on LOW VOTER TURNOUT to take this district away from Joyce Chen, an idependent-minded Green Party Alderman.

They know that Joyce Chen has a record of supporting local business, and remaining independent from machine politics.