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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

RON WHITE, SCHMON WHITE Having Ron White as the first base coach is great and all, but it's the secondary story hidden here that I love the most. Luis Sojo as Yankees' third base coach! My favorite all-time Yankee! A man with a body like a dollop of chocolate mousse, but a keen mind and a heaping helping of that all-important, impossible-to-quantify quality we call luck. He was like a squat, ugly Jeter. What a colossal upgrade over Willie Randolph, who never had any idea when to send guys and when to hold them up. What fantastic news. This almost makes up for the ridiculous, and partially racially-tinged story of the two sportswriters who denied Hideki Matsui rookie of the year. Which I might discuss later, but not now, because it'd spoil my fun over our new 3B coach.