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Sunday, November 16, 2003

CONGRATS TO KATHLEEN BLANCO She's the new governor of Louisiana. Of course, if I'd been a Cajun, I'd've voted for Bobby Jindal. But what can I say? Deep down, I'm a conservative Catholic with a fondness for Bhangra. Which is to say: I'm the white Bobby Jindal, without all the experience and expertise. I certainly hope the Bush administration finds a place for him, preferably higher up, where he's visible and gets to speak a lot. Maybe as some kind of high level undersecretary in HHS, a position from which he can emerge as an eventual successor to Tommy Thompson in 2006 or so. Anyway, though, congratulations to Governor Blanco, who is, if nothing else, living proof that the Democratic Party is not dead in the Old South. Best of luck to her.