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Monday, October 20, 2003

AND THEN, THERE'S SKIN. Here's a trivia question: what do Ron Silver and Angus Dwyer have in common? Both have played the role of the father of Skin's Olivia Wilde. Well, that's not strictly true. Ron Silver does play her father. I played her father-figure, Sir Peter Teazle, and she Maria, my ward, in a production of Sheridan's The School for Scandal when we were both at Andover in the late 1990s. And she wasn't Olivia Wilde then, she was Olivia... well, she had a less Hollywood name, and one that would certainly elicit titters if I were to write it here. But I'm decorous, and a gentleman, so I won't.

But the point is: I knew her! and she's really hot! Does this count for nothing?!?