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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Baude-ice Rippers

If you weren't in Federal Income Tax today, you missed out on an incredible sight. Will Baude was wearing an unbelievable shirt of a kind that's hard to identify. Clearly a dress shirt of some kind, but no collar to speak of, a little frilly... I don't know whether to call it a blouse, or a chemise, or what. Whatever it was, he looked as if he'd just emerged from the cover of a bodice-ripper novel about forbidden love in the 19th Century. He was a Yale Law student! She was a farm-girl from County Cork! The world pulled them apart, but passion drew them together.

Basically, this was Will today. Although his shirt was somewhat more tastefully buttoned. Obviously, I had trouble paying attention.

(See the complete set of Fabio covers here. Mansfield Fox is not responsible for any ocular bleeding that results from prolonged exposure to bodice ripper cover art.)